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We are taught that Mikvah is such a critical component of Jewish life, that a Mikvah should be built even before a community builds a synagogue or buys a Torah.


The Columbus Community Mikvah is:


  • Centrally located.

  • A beautiful space with a spa-like environment.

  • A space that encourages a spiritual experience.

  • Secure and safe.

  • Housed in a freestanding building.

  • Discreet and dignified.

  • Accessible to women and men with physical disabilities.

  • Furnished with updated equipment, including a filtration system ensuring the utmost cleanliness of the pools and high standards of hygiene.

  • Designed with private, spacious changing rooms and separate immersion pools for women and men as well as one for utensils.

  • Supported by a strong group of volunteers, Mikvah members, individuals, and synagogues.




Maintaining a modern, secure Mikvah with a spa-like atmosphere that is open and inclusive to the entire Jewish community is of the utmost importance.  


  • We hope to increase support and usage of the Mikvah through educational and outreach programming throughout Columbus and Mid-Ohio.

  • Converts' first experiential moment within Judaism will be positive and spiritually uplifting.

  • Recognizing that accessibility is not only a structural concern, but also impacts our ability to be a truly inclusive community, the Mikvah is fully accessible.



If you have a particular question or concern, please contact Mikvah board president Devorah Steinberg at Devsteinberg at

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