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Your donation is instrumental in maintaining the Columbus Community Mikvah.  We are committed to ensuring that this is truly a community Mikvah, open to all Jews to experience this ritual for their religious and spiritual needs.  Your gift will ensure that our commitment continues to be a reality for the entire Columbus Jewish community. 

Make a Donation

Every contribution makes a difference. To make a secure, tax deductible donation online, simply fill out the form below and make an online payment via PayPal.

Marble Surface

Become a Member

Annual membership offers ease and convenience to monthly and daily users and helps sustain our beautiful facility.

Pay Tribute

Pay tribute to loved ones by making a gift in their memory or honor. Complete the “Tribute Gift” portion of the form below and pay online via PayPal.  

If you would like to make a donation by mail, please print out our donation form and mail to:


Columbus Community Mikvah Fund

c/o Columbus Jewish Foundation

1175 College Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43209

To donate by phone,  please call the Columbus Jewish Foundation 614-338-2365

For more information please call Devorah Lipkind Weprin (917)596-8562

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