Dear Mikvah Users,


Over the past week, we have been in touch with other Mikvaot and Rabbis around the country to stay updated on the most advanced protocols and safety precautions being instituted under rabbinical guidance.


Our goal is to keep our Mikvah open and as safe as possible for all female users and staff.


With that goal in mind, we need to put into place the following precautions effective immediately:


  • The Men’s Mikvah is officially closed. Due to our lack of resources to keep it cleaned regularly and the shared facilities, we feel it poses too much of a risk to our users at this time. We will constantly reevaluate and open it as soon as we feel it is a safe choice for our members and community.

  • All women are to do their full preparations at home and come to the Mikvah ready to immerse (like a Friday night appointment)


  • There will be no use of baths, showers, or any implements at the Mikvah (brushes, nail clippers etc...)


  • For the safety of our dedicated Shomerets, we are asking that you either bring your own towel, or when not feasible to take your used linens straight to the washing machine on your way out.


  • We continue to sanitize the entire facility and water daily to the highest of standards.

  • We will have disinfecting wipes in each prep room and by the front door for client use as needed.


  • We ask that if you or anyone in your family is showing any symptoms of illness that you postpone your appointment. We will be extra accommodating for anyone who needs to reschedule. If you are unsure, please call one of our local rabbis or the number below.

  • If you are at all immunocompromised, please let your scheduler know that so we can take extra precautions.


We thank you for your understanding, and pray that with your cooperation and the help of the Almighty, that this period of time will pass and we will be able to return to our regular operations and the high standards of service we are accustomed to providing for our community.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us.

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