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"We are taught that Mikvah is such a critical component of Jewish life, that a Mikvah should be built even before a community builds a synagogue or buys a Torah."

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Private and peaceful preparation rooms feel like a spa and provide visitors everything they need to prepare for their immersion.


The facility houses separate mikvaot for women, men, and utensils/dishes,

as well as well-appointed preparation rooms and state of the art security systems

to ensure a special, pleasant and safe experience at every visit.  

The kashrut of the Mikvah is overseen by

Rabbi David Claman, Rabbi Avi Goldstein, Rabbi Henoch Morris, and Rabbi Howard Zack.

The Columbus Community Mikvah features

a serene, spa-like immersion room

with radiant heated floors, teak wood ceiling, 

and beautiful stone throughout.

The Columbus  Community Mikvah is

a modern, secure yet discreet facility

that will serve the Jewish community

for generations to come.


The Columbus Community Mikvah is a modern, beautiful facility

where all Jewish women and men are welcome;

where women can experience the ritual of monthly immersion;

where conversions to Judaism are accorded the honor and dignity they deserve;

and where Jews can find spiritual fulfillment, healing and transformation.

We are committed to making mikvah accessible and meaningful for all Jews.


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2736 East Main St, Bexley OH 43209

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